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Monday's Mourning Ministry - Goodnight Sweetheart ~Bing Crosby

Monday's Mourning Ministry

Goodnight Sweetheart

~Bing Crosby

I dedicate today's song, "Goodnight Sweetheart" in loving sympathy over the loss of Pamela Palmer Mutino's daughter, Maria…

I am currently reading about precious Maria in Pamela's book, 
-S-W-I-S-H- Maria in the Mourning. In her book, Pamela tells about having a heart-wrenching premonition as she sleepily awakened to hear Bing Crosby's otherwise endearing song, "Goodnight Sweetheart" in what, ultimately as it turned out, was just days before her 23-year-old daughter died… At the time, she could not sort out what her horrendous premonition was trying to tell her...

As I listened to Bing's song a couple of times, I found I was weeping right along with Pamela for both of our beautiful daughters…

(For a sense of what the book ~and its unusual title~ is about, there are some excerpts from reviews of Pamela's book at the bottom of this post.) Thank you Pamela for sharing your recent comment with us, enabling us to mourn right along with you for your precious child, along with our own...

Goodnight Sweetheart

~Bing Crosby

Goodnight sweetheart, 
'til we meet tomorrow 
Goodnight sweetheart, 
sleep will banish sorrow 
Tears and parting may make us forlorn 
But with the Dawn a new Day is born 

So I'll say goodnight sweetheart, 
though I'm not beside you 
Goodnight sweetheart, 
still my love will guide you 

Dreams enfold you 
and in each one I'll hold you 
Goodnight sweetheart, 

The day is over and it's cares and woes 
In peaceful sweet repose, will fade and die 
A dreamy dreamland beckons you and me 
How happy life would be if we could dream forever 

Whistling Interlude...

So I'll say goodnight sweetheart 
even though I'm not, I'm not always right beside you 
I'll still say goodnight, goodnight sweetheart 
I want you to know that my love, 
My love will always guide you 

And dreams enfold you, 
In each one I'll hold you 
Goodnight sweetheart, 


Excerpts (found on Amazon) from three reviews of

-S-W-I-S-H- Maria in the Mourning, by Pamela Palmer Mutino:

"One minute a mother is relishing the swishing sound of a wedding dress in anticipation of her daughter's wedding. Almost the next minute, it seems, she is mourning the death of that same daughter to horrific addiction and overdose of heroin. It's enough to make her imagine that (an) ornament-less, six-foot Christmas tree is the perfect size of a heroin dealer which she attacks with unmitigated rage...."

~Viviane Crystal, Vine Voice


"A talented writer, Mutino is also a (playwright), and as she tells in her book, she had no intention of ever writing anything. But she knew at some point her writing was her way of working through her personal tragedy. The best way to do justice to such a beautiful and emotional story is to end with Mutino's words.

"'I only knew that there was a story in me that was going to haunt me until it was in print. I did not want pity for my suffering. I wanted Maria's beautiful spirit to live on in such a way that others would connect to their own truths, when it came to loving, losing, living, dying and moving on.' -Pamela Palmer Mutino, Swish: Maria in the Mourning"

~Neil and Tracy, 


"I saw the play first and just had to have the book. Pam Mutino's writing style touches the heart in such a profound way. This is such a beautiful tribute to her daughter. A child remains a part of you forever whether she is with you still in this life or not. I recommend this book to anyone who loves, but that is sometimes all we can do.

~C. Westerman




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