Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday's Faith - Your Daddy's Longing to Hug You

Friday's Faith

Your Daddy's Longing to Hug You

I wrote this poem for Tommy as he has expressed its sentiments so many times to me and I wanted to try to capture them in a poem. My writing happened after he expressed the final sentiment of the poem to me just the other day...

I didn't get to hug you that day
That day that ultimately ended your life.
I didn't get to hug you that day,
not in the way I wanted to.
I had mixed feelings about your leaving
that day to go on that trip
and so, could barely move
when you reached over to give me that hug and kiss...

My dreams are filled with hugging you
And not ever wanting to let you go.
My life was filled with loving you
and nurturing you,
And I still long to nurture you;
the longing doesn't stop...
It doesn't stop 
just because you are not here...

But the hug, the hug that was no hug
seems to be my never-ending nightmare.
I realized just the other day:
In order to be able to hug you again
the way I really wanted to hug you that is:
To grab you and hug you and guard you from all harms
Will not happen again,
That is, not until your daddy... 
gets his new arms.

Picture - Thanks to Google Images
Poem - Your Daddy's Longing to Hug You - Angie Bennett Prince (for Tommy) - 10/4/2012


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