Monday, October 29, 2012

Tuesday's Trust - Loss and Gain...

Tuesday's Trust

Loss and Gain...

What happened to my family, dear Lord, I cry:
So close, intimate, worshipers together of You
And yet now, there's so little of which we see eye-to-eye,
And their hearts seem so merciless, at least in my view.

And yet, my hubby of 33 1/2 years is dearer to me than ever;
My sons have hearts for You;
My granddaughter's heart so precious,
And my baby… is entwined with You.

It seems I have lost so much...
And yet I have so much I've gained:
Your heart, O God, with mine does touch,
Even melted together through pain.

My mother and my daddy, now with you, 
Our hearts enveloped together o'er time,
The bonding with them so precious
Has all the fingerprints of The Divine.

So I thank you for my blessings
Even as I grieve
For ones no longer with us,
And for hearts who've been deceived.

Melt me, break me,
Mold me, make me;
In this sweet time that's left, make me more like Thee!

You break our hearts to pour them out,
And yet we're drawn closer to Thee ~ in sweetest intimacy.

God's unique economy: You empty us, yet ever pour Your glory out…
Comfort us, O comfort Lord; Draw near, e'en as You give the Enemy rout.

First picture, thanks to ~Memories from Miloh
Last picture, thanks to ~365 Promises 
Poem - Loss and Gain - Angie Bennett Prince - 10/29/2012


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