Monday, October 15, 2012

Tuesday's Trust - "We're All Just... Walking Each Other Home"

Tuesday's Trust 

"We're All Just...

Walking Each Other Home"

Poem inspired by the sentiment above:

"We're all just…
walking each other Home."

Alone on this earth, we're walking a while...
We meet each other amidst our traumas laid bare,
Soon grieving together along many a mile,
Sharing our tears, extending our care.

Many around us can't handle our pain...
Losing a child? They can't fathom the loss:
Can't we move on? What does crying gain?
We soon realize only we bear Grief's unbearable cross.

Why should they understand our hearts have dropped out?
So we turn to one another, and risk reaching out…
Met with compassion, understanding and love,
Along with our Companion who attends from Above,

We still shed our tears, we find comfort there,
Until we rejoin our child when we meet Jesus in the air.
God knows our pain; He too lost a Child;
He knows such loss, on earth can't be reconciled…

So He sends special ones nearby to render His love
As He holds our babies, safely nurtured Above:
We share in our talking, each cried out moan,
While "we're all just walking… each other Home."

Picture ~contributed by Tom Zuba via New Mexico Lightworkers
Poem - "We're All Just Walking Each Other Home" - Angie Bennett Prince - 10/15/2012


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