Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Wednesday's Woe - Why Look for the Living Among the Dead?

Wednesday's Woe

Why Look for the Living Among the Dead?

I heard myself bemoaning aloud to Tommy, 

"I don't know why it is that I've been unable to visit Merry Katherine's grave for quite some time now."

Thankfully, Tommy is very aware of my grief process which includes much focus on having an ongoing relationship with my baby girl in Heaven despite her physical presence not being available to me on this earth. He knows that I keep my focus on her living spirit that is currently present with God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, along with all the beloved ones who have gone on before us.

To me, my baby is still very much alive; I simply cannot see her.

Knowing all this about me, Tommy kindly looked at me and stated what should have been obvious to me…

"I guess it's because you know not to look for the living among the dead."

What an astute observer of my heart, and therefore also an understander of my resultant actions or inactions.

Though her body is still there in the grave, I know she is not there; her living spirit is now in Heaven. My focus therefore is on where she is, not on where she is not!

So, of course, why indeed would we look for the living among the dead?!

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~Grieving Mothers

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Note: Although the graphic indicates this is a quote from ~Emily Dickinson, I am not sure that that is accurate as I have never seen it among all the poems of hers that I have read. ~Angie


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